June 7, 2012

Tool #9

It is important to tie the technology to the objective so that the technology has a clear purpose.  It isn't just something thrown in for the sake of adding technology.  Students must be held accountable so that they responsibly use technology.  They need to know that their progress is being checked so that they don't play on the technology without a purpose. 

I liked Thinkfinity and Learning Games for Kids.  Since there are so many games on these sites (which can be a little overwhelming), students could write a review of the games that are played for accountability.  The review could have the title of the game, the category or how to find the game on the site, and a few sentences about the game for peers.  These student reviews can be sorted by objective, so students can find an appropriate game during stations.  Several of the activities have things that can be printed, so students need to know the expectations of printer use.

In math stations, students can independently play math games to review math objectives.  I installed these math game apps for math stations:
  • Math Adventures - Number Find Lite:  This is a great app for students to understand the patterns on a 100 chart.  Students could write their stats - their score, time, and number missed - for accountability.
  • Aliens Kids Math HD Free Lite:  This reviews math facts and has pictures for the math problems.  There is only one level in the free version, but the problems are different even when playing the level again.  Students can graph their scores for accountability.

I can also see using the iPads as a camera for students to find real world examples of a concept being studied.  Students could work in a small group to find real world examples of geometric shapes.  Students could also use the video camera to film book reviews or demonstrations of regrouping.  The pictures or video product hold the students accountable.  

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