June 6, 2012

Tool #4

I had my students use Google Docs this year to create documents.  I loved that it automatically saved and that students could not save it in the wrong place.  It made saving and accessing documents so much easier for the students.  Plus, I wasn't spending time trying to recover files or find things incorrectly saved.

However, my students used Google Docs in the same way that they would have used Microsoft Word because I did not have them use any of the "share" features.  I didn't know how to use the features that would enable them to collaborate or edit a peer's work.  Students could use Google Docs to collaborate and revise instead of just as a publishing tool.  Using Google docs with teammate would eliminate the problem of figuring out which file is the correct file out of several copies of the same file with different updates on each.

I liked the form in Google Docs.  I think making a form would be a good way for students to do responses to texts, especially because there is a wide variety of formats for the responses to the questions.

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