June 6, 2012

Tool #2

I visited the blogs of several colleagues today.  It was interesting to read about the progress that everyone is making.  It also made me feel a little behind in this process to see how many tools were completed by others.

I think building and participating in a PLN is a great way to get ideas.  Commenting on the 11 Tools blogs of colleagues is a little difficult because we are all early in this process and our posts are very similar since we are answering the same set of questions.  On blogs outside 11 Tools, there is more opportunity to comment and more of a discussion.  These blogs also have a much bigger audience, so even a small percentage of people who comment can lead to a large number of comments.  At times, the comments are repetitive because people comment on the post without reading the comments of others.  Asking open-ended questions is a great way to get comments on your blog.  However, most people want to leave a short comment and questions that require too much work on the part of the reader/commenter will probably not get many comments.  Controversial issues get a lot of comments, but these comments can get out of control and can become more of an attack on other people who left comments.  Controversial issues probably will not be anything that I would post about on a professional blog.

It doesn't bother me to comment or share my thoughts publicly.  It is different than sharing with a teammate because there is no immediate feedback.  It can also be difficult to determine the "tone of voice" unless you know the person well.

A blog I plan to visit in the future is http://readingyear.blogspot.com/.  This site has book reviews of professional books, kids books, and ideas for lessons and student projects.  One helpful thing about the blog is that information referenced from previous posts are linked to those posts.

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