June 8, 2012

Tool #11

While all students will be required to research a bird in science, students could choose from a variety of tools to present their information.  Instead of all students writing a report, students could use a word cloud as notes for an oral presentation, create a set of Bug Huge Lab trading cards about the bird, or create a Glog.  These were a few of the tools I used during 11 Tools that I really liked.

The biggest transformation in my thinking is that my students need more choice in the classroom.  In previous years, students completed projects using technology, but all of the finished products were the same.  This was a great way to teach the kids how to use a tool, but they were not given the tool as a choice for later projects.  My vision is for students to have choice in how they present their learning.  In addition to adding choice to accommodate 21st century learners, I  want to make students more reflective about technology.  Students need guidance on effective ways to use technology and be good digital citizens.  Just because students know how to use a device, website, or software does not mean that is the best way to present their information or that they know how to use it in a responsible way.  Students need to be taught to evaluate the effectiveness of a tool before deciding to use it for a project.

There really were not any unexpected outcomes.  I learned more about technology and how to use it more effectively in my classroom.  I have more ideas on classroom technology use.

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  1. Congrats on completing your 11 tools blog. I loved your point about choice and showing students how to use a tools effectively. Good luck with your devices!