June 8, 2012

Tool #10

I want to make sure that my students understand these things about being good digital citizens:
  1. Not to give out personal information
  2. To keep their SBISD ID/password a secret
  3. To check with a teacher or parent before going to a website, creating an account online, or downloading an app (even if it is a free app)
I plan to use the Cybersmart THINK rule to help kids with basic rules of being online, such as getting permission to be on a website, keeping passwords secret, and protecting personal information.  This site also has videos, called Hector's World, which are divided into three topics, keeping personal information safe, cyberbullying, and computer security. Each topic has several videos.  I plan to discuss the THINK rule and  watch the videos with the students before students are allowed to use devices.  Students will discuss how these rules apply in their own lives, both at school and at home.  I plan to email links to the THINK rule and videos for parents to use to discuss digital citizenship at home.  Curriculum Night would also be a good time to discuss digital citizenship with parents.

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